At the PowerUp Student Convergence, we saw the power of the growing youth movement for climate justice. And in order to be a movement, we need to MOVE!

We’re calling on divestment campaigns across the country to join us in a collective day of action to MARCH FORTH for climate justice.

March 4th, 2013 let’s come together for a day of direct actions, demonstrations, teach-ins, rallies, dance parties, and whatever other creative actions your group wants to use to propel the movement forward.

To build a common narrative of student power, we ask that each campaign:

1. Send out universal media messages through Facebook, Twitter, email, etc! Emphasize that divestment is the tactic of a larger movement for climate justice! #March4th – spread the word!

2. Take pictures of your event and submit it to the blog!

3. Film your campus event!* (info below)

4. Flaunt orange felt squares, the flair of this climate justice movement! Let’s show our solidarity!

To coordinate further, join the google group at:


Get on the conference call on Saturday, March 2, 4pm (EST)
The call number is 1 (610) 214 – 0200, and the access code is 807946.

* A national video is in the works. Please film your campaign’s participants and have them shout, “Divest (your school here)!” with their fists in the air. This shot is most important. Secondly, film your actions and send them on in as well.

Additional lines to shout out if you have time: “To Divest” “Bigger” “And Growing”, “But we say otherwise”, “A Movement”, “We stand”, “Take a Stand” (These will be part of a larger script).

Please film with a tripod and video camera. HD DSLR or any film camera recommended (no cellphones).

Try to get a shot from above (like this http://tinyurl.com/bcc3bkm) to highlight the amount of people.

Videos can be uploaded to youtube under the account March4thAction@gmail.com Password: divestnow.

Upload by March 7th. The clips you take will be featured in the national video! Any questions? E-mail oddwala4@gmail.com



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